[ltp] Re: [ltp] Kernel panicking a bit too often on a TP 600E + other symptoms

wes schreiner linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Tue, 18 Nov 2003 03:57:52 -0600

Jakub Hegenbart wrote:

> I'll try some experiments (except of the memtest86, which fails 
> booting as i already wrote) and if they fail, I'll get the machine 
> repaired. Whether it is memory problem, dysfunctional fan/fans + 
> overheating or both, the warranty does cover it (except of HDD, which 
> is completely OK, all moving parts - fans - should be new).
> Thank you all for your suggestions.

If you can't find a floppy drive and memtest86 won't boot from a CD, 
then you could also try to install memtest86 on your hard drive and have 
it executed on boot by your bootloader.  I have done this with lilo, and 
I'm sure it can be done with other bootloaders too.  The problems you 
have detailed really do sound like memory and not CPU thermal problems.  
You could also try running without any SODIMM memory modules installed, 
just use the 32MB on the mother board.  If that works OK then add memory 
modules back one at a time and see if the crashes return.