[ltp] Re: [ltp] Re: [ltp] Kernel panicking a bit too often on a TP 600E + other symptoms

James McKenzie linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 19 Nov 2003 18:45:56 -0700

Sounds like what I'm encountering with the 600E that I own.

However, this happened with WinXP.  Sadly, I had to destroy the hard 
drive in the system.  I put in a 32GB drive but it will not defragment 

Try removing the battery and see it the system stablizes.

James McKenzie

Jakub Hegenbart wrote:

>> > Jakub,
>> > just a wild guess... but it sounds like a thermal problem... can 
>> you > verify if the CPU fan is running? High X usage would produce 
>> more heat > than being in a console - thus longer working time in a 
>> console before > failure.
>> The bottom of the machine gets a bit hot, indeed, and the NB case fan 
>> is a > bit lazy compared to the only other IBM TP 600E I had the 
>> chance to work with. But this other machine also got quite hot with 
>> no problems and my machine is capable of crashing few minutes after 
>> booting without excessive CPU activity. I guess the heat could be 
>> accessary, if there's a bad RAM, the problem would surely worsen with 
>> higher temperature.
>> > I guess you'd be able to confirm hardware problems if it isn't 
>> working > right under W2K either :-(
>> I performed 2 W2k install tries and both failed due to an STOP ERROR 
>> (one of them was IRQ_LESS_OR_EQUAL, the other one was different, I 
>> can't remember now). The machine was cold before switching it on. 
>> Maybe the long > disk formatting (in W2k, alas, no quick 
>> format)...since I've still managet > to get past formatting, I'll try 
>> to skip that and I'll see. > Maybe you could download the Maintenance 
>> Manual from www.pc.ibm.com to > figure out how to open the ThinkPad 
>> and maybe check the fan that way.
>> > > Frank
>> I've obtained 3 pdf manuals (Maintenace, User Guide, Tech Specs) even 
>> before I've ordered the machine, the same goes for TP600E&Linux 
>> compatibility...I like playing things safe :)
>> I'll try some experiments (except of the memtest86, which fails 
>> booting as > i already wrote) and if they fail, I'll get the machine 
>> repaired. Whether it is memory problem, dysfunctional fan/fans + 
>> overheating or both, the warranty does cover it (except of HDD, which 
>> is completely OK, all moving parts - fans - should be new). 
> OK, I skipped the formatting since it competed. After first reboot, 
> during device detection - bang, PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. I guess 
> I'll try to diagnose the fan somehow.
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