[ltp] PC to PC phone calls with the t40

Victor Pechorin linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 20 Nov 2003 10:55:53 +0100

SpeakFreely - works great (with alsa), but interface isn't very clear(i
use xspeakfree). Interoperable only with speakfreely on windows/linux.
The latest version has a special feature for NATs.

openh323 group makes a software command-line h.323 phone, ohphone. I
think GnomeMeeting is better choice than ohphone.

Try to look at GnomeMeeting, good interface, but the other side hears
the echo... (checked with NetMeeting and on Linux with GnomeMeeting). I
couldn't solve this problem. It has special user-directory -
ils.seconix.com, integrated to the address book, so you can easy find
your friend there. I use it with Quicknet PhoneCard and Microtelco
account to make PC-2-Phone calls, but it can work also with soundcard
and headset without any special hardware.

The latest version of linphone is pretty good. It uses SIP protocol for
connection and voice quality is the best of all with uLaw|aLaw codecs.
It works also without any sip proxys. Interface is very simple. It can
interoperate with Cisco ATA186 and other IP-telephony/SIP-hardware.

Kphone, also uses SIP for connections, has a special NAT traversal
feature, but i couldn't make a call to Cisco ATA186 without sip-proxy.
And i haven't checked it with other Kphone.

The opposide side for SIP phones(linphone, kphone) are MS Messenger and
X-lite on Windows platform.

For h.323(GnomeMeeting, ohphone) it's NetMeeting.

For speakfreely it's SpeakFreely for Windows.

On Wed, 2003-11-19 at 20:53, Steve K wrote:
> Hey folks --
> I am going to be working remotely for a while and I am looking into my
> options for making PC-to-PC "calls" over the internet on my t40.  Two
> questions:
> I would like to get a headset of some kind.  What works well with the
> t40?  Would a bluetooth headset work well?
> There is a dizzying array of software projects that provide the
> voice-over-IP functionality, but none of them seem particularly easy to
> setup and use.  Some candidates are:
> - Speak Freely (http://www.fourmilab.ch/speakfree/)
>      The main developer of this one seems to be abandoning the project
>      in 2004.
> - Gone-o-Phone (http://gphone.sourceforge.net/)
>      The last release of this was over a year ago
> - OpenH323 (http://www.openh323.org/)
>      Not sure if this is actual software to make calls or just
>      a codec...
> I am looking for something easy to use that works cross platform
> (linux/windows/os x).  Does anyone have any suggestions?
> cheers,
> -steve
Victor Pechorin