[ltp] Restore WinXP MBR?

B. Jones linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 21 Nov 2003 02:15:41 -0800

If you have access to fdisk (don't know if you can access it in the 
recovery console mode) you just type:  fdisk c: /mbr.  At least that worked 
from dos 3 through win98 - haven't had to do in since :)


At 01:44 AM 11/21/2003, you wrote:
>So, while trying to get my partitions set up properly I installed grub
>into the mbr for the whole disk of my T40. Although this is not a
>problem for linux, I can't boot Windows anymore (this is required
>sometimes for me).
>I went ahead and got the recovery CDs from IBM (for which I was charged
>$40 since I've had the machine over 30 days...I hate computer
>companies). They restored everything but the MBR.
>I don't have a floppy drive; any suggestions? Would I be able to use any
>usb floppy drive to boot my ThinkPad (to use a windows boot floppy to
>fix the mbr)?
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