[ltp] Bluetooth PCMCIA cards that are Linux friendly?

Michelle Klein-Hass linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 26 Nov 2003 08:33:01 -0800

Hi guys,

Now that I made the big switch with my cellular provider (AT&T 
Prepaid to T-Mobile) and got an excellent Ericsson mobile 
phone...Euro r520m. It's got Bluetooth and a built-in modem so I'd 
like to be able to use it to connect to the Internet with my ThinkPad 
when no 802.11b connectivity is available.

Anyone know which Bluetooth PCMCIA cards are Linux-friendly? There 
are a lot of IBM Bluetooth cards on eBay, and I'm also watching an 
auction with a Belkin PCMCIA card and USB dongle in the same lot.

There are also cables to be had, but Bluetooth is just so much cooler 
than a cable.

Thanks, your advice has been great in the past.