[ltp] IBM to sell its PC business

Tim Prince linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 08 Dec 2004 07:24:28 -0800

At 06:55 AM 12/8/2004, Joel Ebel wrote:

>I've got some more statistics for you.  I worked for a university 
>department that purchased about 25 Dell laptops.  Not one of them escaped 
>the need for repair.  ... My T40 still has plenty of life in it.

I've been through 3 T20's (1 new, 1 repaired, 1 recycled twice without 
repairing faults by my employer's support contractor).  My T40 has been 
running XP/SuSE dual boot happily for over a year, with the exception of 
wireless not working under linux.
My son collected anecdotes around his university and decided upon Toshiba 
as the top choice.  I've been setting it up for him, but he hasn't agreed 
to adding linux.  Already I had to use the recovery disk and start over, 
after McAfee locked it up.  It comes with a Microsoft Office 2003 demo 
Trojan horse which will remove any licensed copy of Office which you 
install, without asking for confirmation.

Tim Prince