[ltp] Slackware on T42?

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Tue, 28 Dec 2004 00:38:50 -0600

On Monday 27 December 2004 22:27, Josh Battles wrote:
> > Whether you use LILO or GRUB for your boot loader, either will
> > automagically boot to the Windows boot loader if you choose to boot
> > into Windows.  Otherwise, they'll boot your favorite Linux kernel
> Well, I'd like to not have to use LILO or GRUB for this install.  I

You must. There is no getting around it.

> know that there's a way to configure the windows boot loader menu to
> load linux.

Actually not quite: it can boot a bootable partition, whatever the OS, 
but that partition must have its own boot loader ... that's where LILO 
comes in.

In fact LILO's no different from ntldr in that regard: it cannot boot 
Windows directly. It can only boot the boot loader from another OS. I 
don't know about GRUB - never saw fit to mess with it.

> That's what I'm looking for here.  I've been using linux

IMO it's a tossup. Neither ntldr nor LILO has any special benefit over 
the other, as the initial boot loader (the one called by the BIOS.) 
LILO has some features ntldr does not, like a boot password, which is 
something which might be of interest for a laptop.

There was an old HOWTO about using the NT4 boot loader for Linux.  
AFAICT Win2K and XP still use the same ntldr, with a little bit of 
cosmetic work. That HOWTO will tell you how to set up ntldr to boot 
LILO (also applies to GRUB.)

I don't dual boot, but if I did (when I did, a long time ago) I'd have 
the BIOS call LILO.

If you're going to have a DOS partition, DOS (with loadlin.exe) is a 
fine boot loader for Linux. That's another option to consider. I do 
have a FreeDOS partition (with a hibernation file) on mine.
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