[ltp] T40 No longer powers off on halt

Thomas Breitner linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Tue, 05 Oct 2004 18:59:35 +0200

I had just the same issue when re-installing debian testing with custom
kernel. In my case the problem was that I enabled in my kernel (2.6.8. -
but I think this occurs in every other version too):

"Local APIC support on uniprocessors" under "Processor type and

Just disbling this feature:
# CONFIG_X86_UP_APIC is not set
and my - perhaps your - system halts properly

Good Luck,

Am Dienstag, den 05.10.2004, 12:37 -0400 schrieb ben lamothe:
> Hi, I just re-installed Gentoo 2004.2 with ACPI, using kernel 2.6.8.
> Before the re-install, I could execute a halt at and the system
> powered down fine, but now, when i execute halt, the system seems to
> shut down normally, up untill the last moment.  All of the normal
> "stopping" messages are displayed, and then the screen blanks and it
> seems as if it shuts down, but the fan still runs, and it doesn't
> completely turn off.  I actually have to hold down the power button to
> actually get it to power down.  Does anyone know how to fix this?  The
> same thing happens with APM enabled as well, and besides, I used ACPI
> and this same kernel before.  Thanks
Thomas Breitner

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