[ltp] ibm-acpi compatibility table

Borislav Deianov linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 13 Oct 2004 22:28:02 -0700


Thanks to Arno Willig, the ibm-acpi homepage now sports a nice
compatibility table by model and feature. Thanks to me, that table sat
without updates for weeks. I finally got my act together, went through
all the reports you guys sent me and filled it out. If you looked at
it recently and didn't think it reflected reality, please have another
look. If it still doesn't reflect reality, let me know!


A couple of other things:

I'm still collecting DSDTs. Currently, I have the following:

	A21e, A31, A31p
	R32, R40
	T20, T21, T23, T30, T40, T40p, T41, T41p, T42, T42p
	X20, X24, X30, X31, X40

If your model is not listed above, I'd very much appreciate a copy.
It's the only way I can try to make ibm-acpi work on your Thinkpad.

Also, please get in touch if all of the following are true for you:

- Fn-F7 can switch the video output
- the video switching feature in ibm-acpi-0.4 does NOT work 
- you have some time to test a few debugging versions of ibm-acpi

I've had several reports of video switching in -0.4 not working, but
in most cases Fn-F7 doesn't work either. This is typically due to the
way the X driver configures the video card and cannot be fixed in
ibm-acpi. If Fn-F7 does work, however, switching through ibm-acpi
should work also. Hence the above request.