[ltp] ACPI S3 Suspend on Thinkpad G40

Sudhakar Chandra linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sat, 16 Oct 2004 17:31:35 -0700


I have Debian (unstable) installed on my Thinkpad G40.  I have a 
hand-compiled kernel (patched with latest bootsplash, ACPI and 
swsusp2 patches) that I am using.  Most drivers are compiled as modules 
except for framebuufer, bootsplash, swsusp2, etc.

I am able to hibernate my laptop fine using swsusp2. I am also able to 
suspend my laptop to RAM just fine (both passing and not passing 
acpi_mode=s3_bios to kernel). My problem is waking up from an S3 suspend 
to RAM sleep.  When suspended, the "sliver moon" led comes on indicating 
that the laptop is sleeping. When I try to wake the laptop up pressing 
the power button the laptop never wakes up or wakes up and shows the 
crtpyic letters "inu" (which I suspect is from Linux) on the screen and 
nothing happens.  The only way I am able to recover is by doing a hard 
reboot (pressing and holding the powe button) which takes me back into 
GRUB - >loading kernel -> swsusp ...

Is this how it is supposed to work? Is it possible to simply wake up 
from the suspend to RAM without having to go through hard reboot and GRUB?


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