[ltp] Thinkpad T21 Accelerated video problem

Alex Deucher linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 8 Mar 2006 00:35:56 -0500

On 3/7/06, harry wert <hwert@earthlink.net> wrote:
>  Hello, I have a Thinkpad T21 running Ubuntu Dapper Drake. Everything is
> working extremely well except I cannot find a repeatable combination of
> video driver settings which will survive a reboot or cold start.  When
> working, performance is an acceptable increase from 70fps to 355fps.  The
> internal video card is a Savage /IX-MV, with a chip ID of 8c12 which
> contains 8192kb of video memory. The accelerated video will not run in th=
> 24 depth mode because it needs more than 8092kb of memory.  I am able to
> coax it tho run in the 16 depth mode with a lot of experimentation but al=
> is lost on reboot or a cold start.  When it fails to start I experience a
> hard freeze which will require a power off shutdown to free up. On the ne=
> boot the screen appears to be attempting to find a workable video mode bu=
> will ultimately lock into a dark screen and a hard freeze. It is then
> necessary to boot up in the recovery mode and change the video depth from=
> back to 24 to restore normal (no video acceleration) video operation.  I
> have been searching with Google and reading whatever I can locate on this
> subject but seem to have struck out!
>  The only video tool I can find to use is xvidtune which is not easy to u=
>  Two questions:
>  1. Are there better tools out there for video tuning and adjustment such=
> SAX on SuSE?
>  2. Does anyone have a working xorg with acceleration on a T21 and Ubuntu=
>  This is not a crisis - just a curiosity as I don't usually run many
> programs which require video acceleration.
>  Thanks in advance for any comments and/or guidance in this matter.

Try setting:
Option "BusType" "PCI"
AGP hasn't worked reliably on thinkpads with savages in a while.


>  Harry Wert
>  Physicist