[ltp] success::mandriva2007::z61t

ilya linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 15 Mar 2007 09:08:11 +0700

hello all :)
i'm new here..

thanks for the articles/tips/mail-archive/etc from thinkwiki.org

i successfully, installed mandriva2007 on my new Z61t-9441A34
without touching the preinstalled XPPro & it's reserved emergency vfat

resizing the partition done direct during the mandriva installation

using the 915resolution from www.geocities.com/stomljen ,
the X works in 1280x768 24bit (tho i want it more than that..he he)

for a show, the 3D effects works fine too :)

the ethernet, wifi, bluetooth works out of the box with mandriva2007

but i experience a black screen when in X, then tyring to brighten the
screen with the Fn+(bright key)

i guess it has something to do with the 915resolution, any hints..?

thanks guys..