[ltp] Does generic RAM work on TPs?

Jeffrey Taylor linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 26 Mar 2007 10:50:23 -0500

In my experience with desktops, PC2100, etc. is not nearly specific enough.
Unless you are replacing all the RAM with new memory.  I ended up with two
sets of memory (original and new PC2100) that work fine by themselves but
don't work together.  There are a 4-5 other parameters (CS latency, etc.) that
need to be the same across all installed memory.  I expect the situation is
similiar for laptops.  I went to Crucial's Web site and used it to select
memory that was for my model (T41 2379-DJU).  Alternately, boot into the BIOS
setup and write down the memory info.  Get something that matches exactly.


Quoting Pablo Vera <pvera@vercan.com>:
> I've also just installed a 1 GB Kingston ValueRAM stick into my T41 and 
> it works perfect.
> I think that there isn't such thing as IBM or TP specific RAM, as long 
> as you use the type required by your machine (PC2100, PC2700, etc) 
> everything should be OK.
> Pablo
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> Magnus Dagestad wrote:
> >I ordered a generic Kingston ValueRAM 1GB stick for my Z61t, and it
> >worked flawlessly. I did order identical specs to the one installed
> >already, but it wasn't a thinkpad-specific ram module.
> >
> >-M