[ltp] Re: X30 linux installation

Richard Neill linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 30 Mar 2007 02:20:41 +0100

Steve Thompson wrote:

> In the last couple of months, the only major problems I have encountered
> are (1) satisfying dependencies, or (2) satisfying dependencies.  Rarely,
> I have had to work a little to satisfy dependencies with packages that are
> slightly difficult to find, but eventually google yields its secrets.

That of course is where a mainstream distro (eg Mandriva, or Ubuntu) 
helps a lot, since the package manager should be able to resolve them.

When it comes to compiling, the following are invaluable:

	automatically build your own Ubuntu backports

	./configure && make && sudo checkinstall
         This means you never bypass the package manager, and you can
         always uninstall things again; it also prevents conflicts.

urpmf  /usr/lib/foo/bar                   (Mandriva)
apt-file search /usr/lib/foo/bar          (Debian/Ubuntu)

	Both help with the same thing:  "I'm trying to compile X from 	
	source, but it depends on a library/header file which is not
	installed. How do I discover which (if any) of the
	distribution's binary packages contains the file I want.

	Converts between RPM <-> DEB. It usually works OK.