[ltp] Re: X30 linux installation

Phil linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 30 Mar 2007 08:05:34 +0000

All interesting stuff Richard. As a long-time Fedora user who's 
contemplating moving to Ubuntu is there anywhere that describes all this 
stuff in one place. Things like the differences between rpm and debian 
package etc etc.
The reason I'm tempted to go with Ubuntu is I'm fed up of finding all 
the bits that are missing from Fedora due to Redhat's licencing policy. 
Anyone got any comments about pros and cons of this approach?
Thinkpad content - a clean install of Ubuntu on my T40p seemed less 
painful than FC5 particularly in graphics device area - although I still 
can't get twinhead working with the ATI card in my laptop - but I'm 
planning to upgrade to a T60 and hopefully that will be resolved.

Cheers all

Richard Neill wrote:
> Steve Thompson wrote:
>> In the last couple of months, the only major problems I have encountered
>> are (1) satisfying dependencies, or (2) satisfying dependencies.  
>> Rarely,
>> I have had to work a little to satisfy dependencies with packages 
>> that are
>> slightly difficult to find, but eventually google yields its secrets.
> That of course is where a mainstream distro (eg Mandriva, or Ubuntu) 
> helps a lot, since the package manager should be able to resolve them.
> When it comes to compiling, the following are invaluable:
> prevu
>     automatically build your own Ubuntu backports
> checkinstall
>     ./configure && make && sudo checkinstall
>         This means you never bypass the package manager, and you can
>         always uninstall things again; it also prevents conflicts.
> urpmf  /usr/lib/foo/bar                   (Mandriva)
> apt-file search /usr/lib/foo/bar          (Debian/Ubuntu)
>     Both help with the same thing:  "I'm trying to compile X from    
>     source, but it depends on a library/header file which is not
>     installed. How do I discover which (if any) of the
>     distribution's binary packages contains the file I want.
> alien
>     Converts between RPM <-> DEB. It usually works OK.
> Regards,
> Richard