[ltp] T20 =?UTF-8?Q?=E2=80=93?= Display flickering and turning of

André Wyrwa linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 10 May 2007 16:54:16 +1000

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On Wed, 2007-05-09 at 16:04 -0400, azazello wrote:
> > What could cause a flickering display backlight? What could be done to =
get it=20
> > working?
> >=20
> > My sister told me that the display of her T20 was flickering on battery=
> > and totally turning off on AC power. I haven=E2=80=99t seen it yet, she=
 only told me.=20
> > The display brightness is set to =E2=80=9Cnormal=E2=80=9D in the BIOS, =
that means, the=20
> > backlight is getting more power when on AC, and that causes it to turn =
> Like Andre said, it's most likely an inverter about to give up the=20
> ghost, however I had the same problem when I had to replace a shattered=20
> LCD panel in a T40 and didn't connect the inverter power connector=20
> tightly enough. So you may want to reseat all the inverter board=20
> connectors, and if that doesn't help, get a new inverter. Consult your=20
> Thinkpad HMM on how to disassemble the display panel.

Right, i forgot to mention that...especially on T2x's it can happen that
the display flatband cable loosens itself from the connector over time.
(I'm saying especially on the T2x...because i've seen it a couple of
times on these models).

So, as azazello points out, the first thing you should do is remove the
keyboard and unplug and replug that connection. It sits right
underneath. If that doesn't help, next step is doing the same on the
inverter board side.


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