[ltp] ACPI Lid switch control

Daniel Castro linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sun, 01 Jun 2008 14:48:56 +0100


This might be a silly question with a simple answer. Sorry to bother.

I have a T61 with Hardy. Everything works like charm. (very occasional 
kernel panics)
I use an external monitor connected to the VGA output. And I turn the 
laptop monitor off using the xrandr command. My screensaver kicks in 
after 5 mins and the screen(s) turn off after 15 mins. So far so good.

Now if I close the laptop lid both screens will turn off. I would like 
the external to stay on and close the laptop lid to avoid the dust and 
I went to System->Preferences->Power Management->On AC Power->Actions 
and set the"When laptop lid is closed" option to "Do nothing".

That fixed half the problem. Ok now if I close the lid the external 
monitor stays on. But the screensaver and the monitor off options will 
stick to the lid been closed and will never kick in.

So I suppose I need to disable the ACPI lid switch off at a lower level.
I'm I right?
How do I do that?



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