[ltp] ThinkPad Batteries

Joerg Bruehe linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 10 Nov 2008 20:06:52 +0100

Hi Daniel!

Daniel Castro wrote:
> [[...]]
> So is it recommendable to use the computer without the battery on to sp=
> the battery life? What I used to do is to run it without AC until
> the battery dies, have read in several places that this improved the ba=
> life. I have a docking station so taking the battery out is easier for =
me is
> suppose. If so, should I leave it charged or uncharged?

This has been debated here quite a lot.
Let me try to summarize from memory:

- If you need the battery, have it inserted and use it.
  ("Need" because you have no mains power, in a mobile use situation, or
  want the battery as a kind of UPS with an unreliable mains power.)

- If you are sure you don't need it, you might take it out and store it.
  Optimum storage conditions were described as partly charged (AFAIR,
  60% to 80%), dry, and cool (+5 to +10 =B0C).

- Avoid deep discharge (below 10% ?) and very high charge (above 90% ?).
  Also, if using it, really discharge and don't re-charge immediately
  (don't let it cycle from 70% to 60%, but use it down to say 30% before
  charging again). The archive has tips how you can control the charge
  limits from software.

All that is from my memory of the posts here, please check the archive
for details.


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