[ltp] SuperBright or not?

Richard Neill linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 08 Jul 2009 03:24:35 +0100

John Sullivan wrote:
> I bought an X200 Tablet on ebay that was supposed to have the MultiTouch
> screen. Turns out it doesn't -- this is obvious because the one I was
> sold has no raised bevel. But how do I tell if it is a SuperBright
> screen or not? Any way in software (GNU/Linux) or from looking at the
> outside of the machine? I strongly suspect after having it in direct sun
> that it is not SuperBright, but I need more than that to resolve the
> dispute :). xrandr says max resolution is 1280x800, but I don't think
> this is a difference between the screen options for the tablet.

You might have some luck looking for the EDID information: