[ltp] Survey: Your Ideal Business-Class Laptop

Frank Myhr linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 17 Jul 2009 16:42:54 -0400

Survey link:


I promised I wouldn't trouble you again about the survey until we'd
heard back from Lenovo. Well... we have! Lenovo marketing and product
managers have looked at the results so far... and want to see more!

As of this morning, 444 surveys have been returned, due in large part to
members of this list. THANK YOU!

Lenovo would like to see 500 surveys before analyzing the results in
detail and moving on to the next phase. We are so close! If you haven't
yet filled out a survey, PLEASE take few minutes now to fill one out.
This is an excellent chance to add your voice to those requesting better
screens, and other features, in future ThinkPads. Please also share the
survey URL with your colleagues and friends who use ThinkPads or other
business-class or workstation-class laptops, like Dell Latitudes,
Precisions, etc.

For those who have already filled out a survey, THANK YOU!!! Your time
and thoughtful comments are MUCH appreciated, and should help Lenovo to
produce ThinkPads that we want to buy.

Thanks again!


About the survey:

It is being conducted by a group of ThinkPad enthusiasts, as the first
step of a plan to try to convince Lenovo to build us a ThinkPad with a
better screen. (Better in the sense of wider viewing angles, more
accurate color, and possibly higher resolution.) But please fill out a
survey even if you're satisfied with current screens: it's an
opportunity to tell Lenovo what other features are important to you.

Survey results are kept here: