[ltp] Survey: Your Ideal Business-Class Laptop - Ends 7/28

Frank Myhr linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 23 Jul 2009 10:07:10 -0400

Survey link:

Survey ends Wednesday, 7/29 at 06:00 EDT
*** 6 days left to fill out a survey! ***


List members responded so quickly to my 7/17 message that it took only a
single day to reach our goal of 500 surveys returned! As of this morning
we have 631.

A big THANKS to each of you who filled out a survey! And special thanks
to those who, like Daniel and green, forwarded the survey to colleagues,
or publicized it in other online groups. :-)

We want to collect as many surveys as possible, because it appears that
Lenovo will judge the seriousness of the results at least in part by the
raw number of surveys returned.

At the same time, the survey has now been running for 42 days, and we're
eager to move on to the next step of the plan (see below). Doing so
requires Lenovo to analyze the results and decide how they'd like to
proceed. They're waiting to do this until the final results are in.

And so we've decided to end the survey on Wednesday 7/29 at 06:00 EDT.
That leaves a little less than a week to fill out a survey if you
haven't already!

Thanks for your help,


About the survey:

It is being conducted by a group of ThinkPad enthusiasts, as the first
step of a plan to try to convince Lenovo to build us a ThinkPad with a
better screen. (Better in the sense of wider viewing angles, more
accurate color, and possibly higher resolution.) But please fill out a
survey even if you're satisfied with current screens: it's an
opportunity to tell Lenovo what other features are important to you.

Please share the survey URL with your colleagues and friends who use
ThinkPads or other business-class or workstation-class laptops, like
Dell Latitudes, Precisions, etc.

Survey results are kept here: