[ltp] Loosing alsa, under Debian, on ThinkPad T61...

Деян Дойчев linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 03 Jun 2009 12:30:27 +0300

Petar Milin wrote:
> Hello ALL!
> Hope my Subject is palatal to grasp the problem. Simply: I lost 
> Internal Mic and I cannot use Skype, which I need very much.
> If I do: purge all alsa related files (gstreamer0.10-alsa, alsa-base, 
> alsa-tools, linux-sound-base), reboot; then install them again; 
> everything is happy and internal mic is working. However, either if I 
> start Skype or reboot, or whatever, alsa crashes -- internal mic is 
> dead, although I can hear sound.
> Please, help me with this! I really need Skype...
> To repeat: I use Debian testing on my ThinkPad T61.
> Best,
> PM
Check if you have the latest version of libasound2(1.0.20-2) and 
lib32asound2(1.0.20-2). There was a problem with version 1.0.20-1. When 
I upgraded to 1.0.20-1 skype started crashing on my machine with a 
message (I can't remember now) about alsa. Fortunately debian people 
fixed it fast.
Hope this helps.