[ltp] ThinkPad R500 - hdapsd stops working after reboot (Ubuntu 9.04)

Michael Meese linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 08 Jun 2009 10:21:43 +0200

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Good Morning List!

Last Saturday I got the new laptop of my Sister. Its her birthdaypresent =

for next week... Its a ThinkPad R500 Series Laptop.

Installation of 64Bit Ubuntu 9.04 works fine. Except the hdapsd deamon=20
and the scrolling with the TrackPoint. But step by step...

I installed HDAPS-Support for the new R500 in the same way as for my own =

R61 ThinkPad. I followed the instructions in this article:

But I dont use the outdated hdapsd from Ubuntu. It wont work with the=20
R500 I figured out. I compiled the newest version and installed it:

When I start hdapsd manually it works fine. I found this in my syslog:

Jun  7 15:01:23 lt011003 hdapsd[4313]: parking
Jun  7 15:01:24 lt011003 hdapsd[4313]: un-parking
Jun  7 15:01:43 lt011003 hdapsd[4313]: parking
Jun  7 15:01:47 lt011003 hdapsd[4313]: un-parking

I configured my system to run the hdapsd startscript automatically from=20
ps -ef|grep hdapsd shows me after reboot, that hdapsd is started. But it =

dont work. Syslog shows no action if I shake the laptop.

After a manual restart (/etc/init.d/hdapsd restart) of the hdapsd it=20
works perfectly.

Any idea, how I can fix it?


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