[ltp] Re: Problems with (non-Lenovo) battery

Axel Braun linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 13 Dec 2010 18:25:03 +0100

Arno Trautmann wrote:

> This file may show a remaining capacity of, say , 40000mWh, but suddenly
> the machine just turns off. When connected to power supply again, I get
> capacitance close to the value before, so the power is not just "lost"
> anyhow.

Sounds like a normal behaviour for a battery that has already some years of 
operation. There is basically nothing that you can do, except trying to 
'reformat' the battery: Discharging it down to 3-5%, then recahrging to 
100%, and repeat this cycle some 2-3 times. (If you still have the Windoze 
installed, I think the Lenovo tools offer this option)

It *may* bring back some capacity, but in the long run you will not come 
around buying a new battery.

I noticed the same on some older TP (A30), the latest one (Z60m) is still 
quite OK ...after 4.5 years


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