[ltp] SATA harddisk in ThinkPad T42

Martin Steigerwald linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 25 Jun 2010 22:47:48 +0200

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I prefer regular quoting.

Am Freitag 25 Juni 2010 schrieb Paul Seelig:
> Hi Martin,

Hi Paul,

> just for the record, i have a 160GB Seagate Momentus in my trusty old
> T23, and it is fully recognized both on hardware and operating system
> level (including the legacy WinXPSP3).=20

Well then the 160 GB Hitachi will go into my T23.

> The only gripe i have had to
> come to terms with was that the T23 is not designed for any such kind
> of hard disks, and is unable to properly cool them. On my T61 there
> are no such temperature issues, thanks to the redesigned cooling
> system.

Hmmm, I do not think that the Hitachi drive will make cooling problems.=20
Its a 5400 RPM one and it never got that hot in the ThinkPad T42 either.

The Western Digital feels pretty cool so far.

> I tried to play around with the hdparm -B values to have the power
> management level constantly on 192, as this turned out to be most
> favorable one temperature wise. But given the fact that the T23 was
> simply never designed to handle disks emitting such high temperature
> levels, there is nothing else we can do about it. I really wouldn't
> mind being proven wrong, though.

Is it a 7200 RPM one?

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