[ltp] thinkpad-acpi release 0.24-20100516 uploaded to ibm-acpi.sf.net

Henrique de Moraes Holschuh linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sat, 22 May 2010 19:50:59 -0300

I have released version 0.24-20100516220 of thinkpad-acpi through the
sourceforge.net release system.

Patches are available for 2.6.32, 2.6.33 and 2.6.34, at:

Support for 2.6.28 to 2.6.31 has been discontinued.  2.6.27 might still
get *minor* updates, but only if someone asks me directly for it and it
is something easy to backport.

git users can get it directly from tags or the release/* branches at:

This release should make the driver work reasonably well on the X100e,
and at least load on every new Lenovo ThinkPad.  How well it will work
on a brand new model is uncertain.  Please submit reports of any bugs
you find.

The code in this release is already upstream for the upcoming 2.6.35.

Release notes:

This is a mainly bug fix release, but it has some highlights:

(also on thinkpad-acpi 0.24 20100411)
1. The driver now can find the EC node on every ACPI ThinkPad
   (it will load on the new ThinkPad X100e, for example)
2. Updated HKEY event documentation (including the _alarms_)
3. Reduced the memory footprint of the driver after it is loaded

(new on thinkpad-acpi 0.24 20100516)
4. Protect old IBM codepaths from running on Lenovo ThinkPads
   (needed on the X100e, and maybe others)
5. Fix video handling on the X100e (now backlight and video output
   control have a non-zero chance of working)


Henrique de Moraes Holschuh:
      thinkpad-acpi: constrain IBM-era support to IBM boxes
      thinkpad-acpi: X100e quick fixes
      thinkpad-acpi: fix volume/mute hotkey poll handling
      thinkpad-acpi: move greeting messages out of the first subdriver (v2)
      thinkpad-acpi: let other subdrivers know backlight level range
      thinkpad-acpi: fix brightness hotkey poll handling
      thinkpad-acpi: update HKEY and hotkey subdriver documentation (v2)
      thinkpad-acpi: disclose usertask for ALSA callbacks
      thinkpad-acpi: detect EC node using its HID (v2)
      thinkpad-acpi: acpi_evalf fixes
      thinkpad-acpi: explain errors from acpi_install_notify_handler
      thinkpad-acpi: don't depend on led_path for led firmware type (v2)
      thinkpad-acpi: clean up ACPI handles handling
      thinkpad-acpi: document backlight level writeback at driver init

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  Henrique Holschuh