[ltp] New ThinkPad

David Abdelli linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Tue, 21 Jun 2011 06:49:38 +0200

Le samedi 18 juin 2011 =E0 07:37, James Knott a =E9crit :=20
> I'm considering buying a new ThinkPad to replace my R31.  I see
> models such as the Edge 15 & Edge 14W and am wondering how they are
> with Linux.  Any opinions?  Recommendations?  Any computer I buy must
> have the Trackpoint, as I hate using those little pads for a mouse.
> tnx jk


I own a Thinkpad Edge 15 with debian squeeze installed. Almost everything=

- the wifi driver is proprietary for my model, it works fine (wlan0 not=20
  detected by the kernel without it)
  03:00.0 Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd.=20
  RTL8191SEvB Wireless LAN Controller (rev 10)
- I had a few lock ups the first day with nothing in the logs (Kde4 insta=
  it seems resolved by disabling all desktop effects and screensavers,=20
  it never reproduced since.
- I have the message "Not yet supported Thinkpad detected" in dmesg with=20
  no notable consequence
- acpi -V gives the estimated autonomy of the battery, but not the releva=
nt applet=20
  in kde4, it shows only the remaining percentage of battery
- suspend to ram works out of the box, but not hibernation (I haven't loo=
ked deeper
  in this problem as I don't use it very much)
- the sound is louder than in my previous model R61, which I found not=20
  loud enough at maximum
- the keys for sound, screen luminosity work.
- the keyboard is not the same than a traditional thinkpad, it is "chickl=
et type", but=20
  seems very good, soft and silent. F1-F12 are sort of reversed :
  for example to press F3 you have to press Fn first, without Fn it=20
  makes the sound volume up. But this can be reversed in bios.=20
- everything else works without tweaking: webcam, microphone, sound

I choosed this model for the trackpoint, as I can't live without on a=20
laptop (I always disable the touchpad); and because it's cheap :)

When the screen is closed, there is no mechanism to lock it up. When clos=
ed, there=20
is a little flex in the middle of the screen as there is a little gap bet=
ween the=20
screen and the case at the middle (on the hinges side).
There is no thinklight, no lights for wireless and HDD activity in my mod=
el, and=20
no hardware switch for wifi. I only miss the thinklight.

For me, it's a good laptop with a trackpoint for the price.