[ltp] T60 white screen (internal LCD)

Jan Kundrát linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sun, 26 Jun 2011 16:25:17 +0200

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On 06/26/11 16:03, Paul Seelig wrote:
> It is absolutely imprescindible to block the fan rotator prior to dust
> cleaning any such machine with pressurized air, in order to prevent it
> from shortly spinning at high rotation speeds. This usually generates a=

> high peak of electric currency which could easily affect electronic
> components on the mainboard and it's direct peripherals.

Lesson learned.

> My first guess is that you broke some display related electronics this
> way, and that a simple display replacement might possibly not suffice t=
> remedy the symptoms you perceive. If i were you, i'd rather let an
> electronics specialist do a full health check of the machine components=

What damage shall I ask him to look for? I can ask for a favor at work
(we have a department which develops logic boards for particle
accelerators and their detectors), but I'm a little lost about what
signs of damage should they look for, and I prefer to do my homework
first before asking a specialist with a limited time. If there was some
CMOS device damaged by the induced current, how would the technician tell=

> If it turns out that the mainboard is broken, i'd suggest to use this
> opportunity to replace it with a suitable T61 mainboard, which would
> give you the capabilty to use more than 3GB of RAM, and also some faste=
> 64bit capable CPU's with full virtualization support. ;)

That sounds interesting. Is there a list of T61 mainboards which are
known to fit the T60 chassis? The expanded memory support would be
handy, as well as the 64bits. (My CPU already handles virtualization
well, though.)

Anyway, given the proximity of the BT adapter and the LVDS cable, I'm
going to re-seat the connectors as a first step. I'm gonna do that
tomorrow at a properly equipped place.


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