[ltp] T420/T520 and Linux

Daniel Carmo linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 11 Mar 2011 11:20:28 +0000

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    <small>Well, I'm a long time linux user (since redhat 5 o 6, I
      think) and I've used a macbook pro for the last four year until
      recently. <br>
      I mainly do IT sys admin work and some Java and pl/sql
      development, as well as some system integration. My experience is
      that it is true, macs just work for what I need... almost.... <br>
      So, some time before my macbook pro early death, I decided to
      install linux on it and was surprised with the evolution in the
      desktop and laptop area. It is really much better! <br>
      Next step was to take the plunge and I got a Thinkpad t410
      (optimus graphical system) and have been having no problems
      whatsoever... Everything works! The only fiddling I had to do was
      to disable the integrated GPU on the BIOS and to add a line in the
      xorg.conf file to have screen brightness working with the
      proprietary nvidia blob. Even the special keys (like the light,
      touchpad enable/disable, sound volume, sleep, hibernate, you name
      it). I really don't regret the change as, IMHO, this thinkpad is a
      much better machine than the macbook pro and the keyboard is
      As for the new T420/T520, it shouldn't be that much different.<br>
      Just my 0,02$<br>
      Daniel Carmo</small><br>