[ltp] New HDD for X200s: What to consider?

Martin Steigerwald linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sat, 14 May 2011 09:01:04 +0200

Am Sonntag, 8. Mai 2011 schrieb Christoph Bier:
> Hello,

Hi Christoph,

> I want to upgrade my X200s' HDD. What should I consider (apart from
> form factor)? Do I need G-Force for ASP to work? Or does ASP
> "replace" G-Force? If so does G-Force interfere with ASP? My X200s
> shipped with a Seagate Momentus 5400.4 with 250 GB; AFAICS without
> G-Force. The ThinkWiki speaks about "head unload ramp technology"
> and points to the Hitachi homepage. But the link is dead. 

Try http://www.hitachigst.com

> How do I
> know whether a HDD supports this technology? Does capacity affect

shambhala:~> hdparm -I /dev/sda | grep IMMED
           *    IDLE_IMMEDIATE with UNLOAD

> power consumption? How much is rpm's impact on power consumption

It doesn't  seem so. For some hint for power consumption look into data 
sheets of harddisk. Hitachi only seems to include idle consumption tough.

> (5400 vs 7200 rpm)?

I think this will have some impact. 7200rpm will likely also be louder. 
Check for acoustics in data sheet.

I have always chosen 5400 rpm for internal laptop drives.

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