[ltp] PATA IDE 2nd HDD caddy for IBM T4x

Dick Summerfield linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 09 Nov 2011 16:29:31 +0100


This is my first post to the list so I would like to say a little about myself first. I am a fairly new to both
the ThinkPad and Linux having bought my used T43 a couple of months ago and having started with Linux
a few months before that. I am still just trying various distros and haven't really settled on one yet.

I recently replaced the original 40G HDD of the T43 with a 100G model.
I then bought an Ultrabay caddy on e-Bay with the idea of using it to contain the original disk as 2nd HDD.
This caddy was advertised as "PATA IDE 2nd HDD caddy for IBM T4x" and it was possible to
read "PATA IDE" on the product in the photograph accompanying the advert.

Now the caddy has turned up and although it appears to be identical to the product offered, it has the words
"Serial ATA" on the label.
I've tried the empty caddy for fit after removing the CD/DVD drive and - though a still little stiff - it fits and ejects well enough.
The internal connector (see: http://home.iae.nl/users/summer/Photos/T4x-Caddy.jpg ) is the same as that on the seller's
photo (2 x 22 slightly off centre) and the main block of pins on the PATA disk seem to fit these but the the separate
block of four pins on the PATA drive would then not be connected, which doesn't seem good to me.

Can someone please give advice on whether I can use my old 40G IDE disk in this caddy or do I have
to forget the idea (or buy a SATA disk? ;-)).


Dick Summerfield,