[ltp] T520 Ubuntu 11.10 x64 - can't connect external monitor

Richard Neill linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 03 Feb 2012 23:45:45 +0000

On 03/02/12 19:27, Fen Labalme wrote:
> I have a new T520 that mostly works fine Ė I currently run nvidia (NVS
> 4200M) discrete graphics, have compiz 3d effects and colors look good.
>   (Still trying to decide if I like Unity, tho...)

Have you tried all 4 possible drivers:
  nv  (the old one)
  nouveau (the new free driver)
  nvidia (the binary blob from nvidia.com)?

What does /var/log/Xorg.0.log say?

Also, just to check - it's sometimes possible to accidentally disable 
the outputs in the BIOS, or the Fn-F7 key.


> But whether using the VGA or the Display Port, I canít get the second
> monitor (Samsung T260R) to appear. Iíd give up 3d if thatís whatís
> needed, as I use this machine primarily for work. (It would be sad to
> lose Rotate Cube, but so it goes.) Using the nvidia-settings app, Iíve
> tried running as separate X-windows with xinerama and with Twinview. I
> actually got Twinview to work once using a Display Port -> DVI cable but
> have not been able to recreate that experience. (If I ever get it
> working again, Iíll certainly save the xorg.conf!)  But VGA in
> particular should easily hotplug - needed for presentations, etc. when
> on the road. And I'd like DisplayPort to hotplug, too, so I can easily
> hook to my main monitor.
> If I can't get this to work, I'm going to have to RMA my shiny new box :(
> Thanks!
> =Fen