[ltp] Re: Re: T520: Not loud enough

Axel Braun linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 21 Jun 2012 22:02:23 +0200

Steven J. Owens wrote:

>>      I have the same problem, I haven't found an answer (other than to
>> plug in internal speakers).  I've tried pavu, alsamixer, etc.
>      Interestingly, I just found something that makes the audio almost
> good enough.  I have a t520 with nvidia and an intel core i7, running
> xubuntu 11.10.  I don't remember seeing this under standard ubuntu, it's
> either specific to xubuntu or was added relatively recently:
>      When I click the menu bar sound icon and select "Sound Settings",
> the resulting popup has a slider for "Output volume:", and here's the
> interesting part - it goes past 100%.  When I drag the slider all the
> way to the far-right, sound is almost good enough!

This is probably pavucontrol - while the application that makes noise is 
running you get the option to over-amplify. KMixer does not offer this