Re[ltp] placing the Ericsson 3G modem in an X301 with a Sierra Wireless LTE modem

Mon, 25 Jun 2012 03:50:13 -0700 (PDT)

Hey, so i did managed to hack th ebios in the end and installed the card in=
the WWAn slot how it was supposed to be. Now everything works just fine, im
using Wacher utility to connect to LTE network, but the connection speed is
very very low.=20

Im wondering if im suing wrong antennas to connect my card ? What colours
should be connected to Sierra and to which connectors?

Bj=C3=B8rn Mork wrote:
> Elvair <> writes:
>> Wow, so its a problem after all, apparently switching card won't work,
>> cos
>> SIM card slot is not wired to WLAN slot, so it has to be in WWAN slot,
>> and
>> WWAN slot does not work with 20 pin taped even.=20
>> Is there any chance you can share your BIOS build ? I'm not that
>> qualified
>> to make it on my own, I might be able to flash it correctly, but all
>> those
>> steps in betweem are mumbo jumbo to me...
> I've been considering this for a while, but..
> I hesitate for a number of reasons.  One is of course that I have no
> right to distribute any Lenovo BIOS, modified or not.  I am lucky enough
> to live in a country where I have full rights to modify the BIOS if
> that's needed to make the PC work properly, but that doesn't give me the
> rights to distribute anything.
> Another important reason is that I really didn't create any failsafe
> scripts, or even make exact notes of the flashing procedure it seems.
> So what I've got is a Lenovo iso image with AUTOEXEC.BAT modified to not
> start the BIOS upgrade utility, and an uncompressed modified BIOS image
> called "x.ROM".  Getting from this to a flashed BIOS is really not that
> much simpler than just following the whole procedure from the beginning.
> The procedure on might seem somewhat
> complex, but I do not have any shortcuts making it significantly simpler.
> So, sorry, I don't think I want to distribute anything.
> Bj=C3=B8rn
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