[ltp] Re: T520: With or without NVIDIA-Graphic?

Andreas Siegert linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 09 May 2012 11:34:50 +0200


a bit more info now that I had the quad I7 for a few days...

> First test was to install XUbuntu 12.4.
> It installed the Nouveau drivers automatically and does not even offer the
> proprietary Nvidia drivers in the Additional Drivers tool.

Well, I ditched the nouveau driver and explicitly installed the Nvidia
driver that is part of the distro which then made it available in the
additional drivers tool.
All just because I could not get the display brightness control to work
with the nouveau driver. A pitty, as the I don't care much about frame
rates (it is good enough for youtube, nothing more is needed here) and the
nvidia driver is too brain dead to support two LUTs to calibrate the
internal screen and external one, which leads to either two displays that
have wishi washi colors or one display with accurate colors and the second
with seriously off colors.
As the TP screen is a wide gamut screen, viewing images in a non color
managed environment can get iffy. For simple office use this is probably
irrelevant (the display is way too blue as shipped, but not as bad as the
T61 was).
With an appropriate profile, it is definitely a very nice screen!
The deepest blacks I have ever seen on a Lenovo...

Using the VGA port for a full HD 1920x120 external screen seems to be
impossible, the largest size supported was much smaller. So I used an
Displayport to DVI adapter for the external screen.
But that problem already started with the nouveau driver. Initially I
could access higher resolutions via VGA. But once I experimented with the
Displayport connection, I could find no way to make the VGA port highres
again, no matter what driver (tried it with different screens...).

I also started to experiment with Bumblebee until I realized its
dualscreen support is not usable for me.

So, unless you really need the power of the quad core CPU, I think it is
more sensible to stay with the dualcore i7 and its easy to use intel
graphics card...

By the way, sound is fine for a laptop and definitely can reach the same
volume as my T61 without any special tweaks.

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