Re[ltp] placing the Ericsson 3G modem in an X301 with a Sierra Wireless LTE modem

Thu, 17 May 2012 01:40:37 -0700 (PDT)

Hey man !=20

Great job on replacing the card. I'm looking to do exactly that, however I'=
confused with a couple of things. Do you think you could possibly help me
out a little bit here ?=20

I currently have intel wimax-wi-fi card, which I would like to keep, since
sierra card does not have wi-fi capability. But then here is the problem, I
need to be able to plug in both card and both should be connected with
antennas one way or the other.=20

I looked through the other thread regarding using unauthorised cards, and
no, im not doing any modification to my BIOS, I d rather use TAPE for that
matter, but I'm still confused which slots is which, so if I want to keep m=
intel wimax-wi-fi card, and have all the antennas connected correctly, whic=
slots should both cards go ? And how antennas should be connected ? I
understand that there are more antenna contacts which is normally in use,
from the looks it there are 6 actually (if im not wrong), which means I
should be able to connect both cards comfortably and use both Wi-Fi and LTE=
but I'm having problems finding all those antenna connectors... :/=20

Would you be so kind as to give me some guidance ? :) would greatlly
appreacite it, maybe even if you could make some photos and show me where
the connectors are etc - that would help me immenselly.=20

Much appreciated !=20


Bj=C3=B8rn Mork wrote:
> I've been looking for a new thinkpad with LTE builtin ever since I got
> an external USB LTE blob. That's nothing for me.  Already broken off one
> modem USB connector by dropping the laptop om the floor with the modem
> attached.  Fortunately the port survived.  Yes, I know I shouldn't drop
> laptops on the floor with or without USB gizmos attached. but...
> Anyway, I got hold of a Sierra Wireless MC7710 mini-PCIe module.  "Not
> for laptops".  OK, it is meant for embedded systems but that's not going
> to stop me.  It's just a standard USB mini-PCIe card with the same SIM
> slot requirements as the Ericsson F3507g modem the X301 came with.
> Let me use the opportunity to thank Lenovo for inheriting a couple of
> things from IBM: Really nice service manuals and a design with service
> in mind.
> Lenovo even were so kind they put 6 antennas in this laptop.  3 are used
> by the wlan card, 2 are used by the Ericsson modem and 1 is spare
> (probably meant for the Wireless USB option I don't have).  But this
> means that I have 3 antennas available for the new modem.  1 for GPS, 1
> for TX/RX and one for RX diversity.  Although the latter is optional I
> assume it will improve reception a lot in difficult areas.
> Back to the easy service.  Removing the keyboard to access the wwan slot
> is just 2 screws.  Disconnecting the two antenna cables and replacing
> the modem is 2 more screws.  Finding the spare antenna cable is two more
> screws.  It was routed past the modem through a hole and taped between
> the two RAM slots next to the wlan and (empty) wusb slot.  Pulling it
> through the hole and connecting it to the modem was no problem at all.
> Reattached the keyboard and powered on, and then all my satisfaction
> with Lenovo/IBM just instantly disappeared...  I had heard about
> problems with replacing wlan cards in Thinkpads, but had just ignored
> that.  It's just a bloody USB stick in an mini-PCIe form factor.  Why
> should that be more of a problem than any externally connected USB
> modem?  Well, it is. This slot has its USB device whitelist just like
> the wlan slot has its PCIe device whitelist, and I got the infamous
>  "Error 1804 - Unauthorized WAN card is plugged in. Power off and remove
>   the WAN card."=20
> No ESC to continue, typing "I AGREE TO VOID MY WARRANTY", disabling the
> card or anything else remotely reasonable.  "Remove".  Right.  Thank you
> IBM for that inheritance.
> Googling led me to this method:
> I did most steps on another PC with Windows, but used the PHLASH16.EXE
> program on the Lenovo CD to do the flashing as I don't have Windows on
> my Thinkpad.  Other than that, the recipe worked just fine.
> But do consider the warnings if you want to try yourself!
> After that the X301 booted just fine with the Sierra modem, and I do now
> have a Thinkpad with LTE builtin :-)
> The antennas seem to work just find for the LTE bands.  Getting quite
> good values (this is in my home while writing this):
> at!gstatus?                                                              =
> !GSTATUS:=20
> Current Time:  8609             Temperature: 41
> Bootup Time:   1                Mode:        ONLINE        =20
> System mode:   LTE              PS state:    Attached    =20
> LTE band:      B7               LTE bw:      20 MHz =20
> LTE Rx chan:   3050             LTE Tx chan: 21050
> EMM state:     Registered       Normal Service=20
> EMM connection:RRC Connected =20
> RSSI (dBm):    -74              Tx Power:    6
> RSRP (dBm):    -101             TAC:         78B5 (30901)
> RSRQ (dB):     -5               Cell ID:     0103B200 (17019392)
> SINR (dB):     21.0
> OK
> Bj=C3=B8rn
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