[ltp] T61, fan disabled (Thinkpad T-60 fan replacement UK)

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Mon, 18 Feb 2013 09:19:54 -0600

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Carles Pina i Estany wrote at 2013-02-18 05:08 -0600:
> It seems that I need to change the CPU fan (has been noisy for ages,
> I've cleaned and didn't improve much).

My T61 fan started making annoying noises, and twice I tried cleaning
it without any improvement.  So I disabled the fan.  Everything is
warmer now, of course, but I have watched the temperatures and they
all seem to remain inside reasonable ranges, even when the system is
busy (though I am cautious about long-term compilations, etc.).  Of
course, I do not really recommend that anyone do this but it is really
great having a passively cooled system.  Perhaps someday when SSDs are
cheap, my T61 will be completely silent!

Temperatures of system while in use, with >24 hours uptime without

CPU =                          57 degC
Between CPU and PCMCIA slot =  46
PCMCIA slot =                  40
Between Northbridge and DRAM = 46
Southbridge, under miniPCI =   47
Battery =                      33.5
Hard drive =                   43

I am interested to hear what others think about this, especially if
their opinions are well-supported.

> Any online (or London based) shop where I could buy a replacement?
> I could buy a random one from Amazon or Ebuy, but maybe there is some
> better place with first hand experience here.

I realize now that I should perhaps start a new thread with this
message, to avoid hijacking.  I will change the subject line (but not
break from the thread) and hope that someone will know where Carles
can get a fan. :)

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