[ltp] reinstalling windows after linux

Bjørn Mork linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 27 Jun 2013 07:38:13 +0200

"Steven J. Owens" <thinkpad@darksleep.com> writes:

>      I got my t520 with a 500GB drive two years ago, and immediately
> wiped windows off it and installed linux.  
>      Now I have a new 256 GB samsung SSD that I've just added, and I
> need a windows install (and a linux partition, but I understand for
> dual boot it's best to start with windows and then add linux).
>      However, the windows recovery disks don't seem to offer me any
> option to choose which partition or even which disk to install on.  It
> looks like it'll just wipe the 500Gb drive.  Is there any way to get
> it to install windows on the SSD drive?

Windows recovery disks often do this.

How about removing the 500Gb drive temporarily?  Maybe the recovery
disks will install on the SSD then?  Making Windows boot again after
re-adding the Linux drive might still pose a challenge, but that should
be solvable using various bootloader tricks (logically swapping disk
numbers etc)