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Wed, 6 Mar 2013 15:35:50 +0100

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Bill Andrus:

> Fans in this T4x series come in two flavors, all-in-one or replaceable
> fan/radiator assemblies. I did a T43p screamer a while back and the
> standard eBay fan got to us in 3 days free shipping, and takes less
> than an hour total. Yes, the CPU silicia usually ships with the fan.

Christoph Schmees:

> AFAIK there is (officially) no fan alone available as spare
> part. You will have to purchase the whole FRU comprising heat
> sink plus fan attached. I have done that for my old T40. The
> FRU was about 40$ (in the bay, not at lenovo) plus thirty minutes
> for disassembling, fitting the FRU, and assembling the machine again.
> Thanks to the extraordinary good an comprehensive HMM it is an easy
> task, provides you are well organized and equipped with tiny tools.

Thanks so much for your replies! I can get the fan
here for ~$25 and the radiator for ~$50 (from third
parties), but I guess these come without the silicia.

Is there a way to replace the fan without ungluing
the radiator? (The manual seems to suggest =E2=80=98no way=E2=80=99.)

=E2=80=94 Piotr Szotkowski
        [Sean Gillies]

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