[ltp] R40 screen

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Sat, 16 Mar 2013 00:13:53 +0100

Am Samstag 02 M=E4rz 2013, 12:18:24 schrieb cr:
> I have a R40 with a crack in the screen frame and a R40e which  shuts down
> intermittently.   I'm thinking of pinching the R40e's screen for the R40.
> Can anyone tell me, is the R40e screen interchangeable with the R40?
> (I know the video hardware is different, in fact Debian Squeeze works on
> the R40 but on the R40e, X won't appear, just a blank screen).
> cr

I'm get across this list very unfrequently, but better late then never:
as you may have figured out by yourself, it's always very helpful to read t=
so-called "Hardware Maintenance Manual" for the R40 which is the same as fo=
the R40e.
There you get a clear view on parts and technical expressions (they don't u=
"screen frame" but LCD cover/front bezel and panel), which part is broken a=
if the parts are interchangeable (same FRU/part number in best case).
(I replaced the R40 front bezel years ago.)