[ltp] Debian package: ultrabay-scripts

Tamas K Papp linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Tue, 07 May 2013 17:04:37 +0200

Hi Paul,

I am correct in assuming that this will not work for newer laptops, like
my T430s since these machines use a different API?  In case I am
mistaken and it does work I would be happy to test this.



On Tue, May 07 2013, Paul Seelig wrote:

> Hi again,
> in the absence of any feedback so far, just a short update:
> Three revisions have been uploaded in the meantime and can be downloades
> by interested peple from
>     http://sourceforge.net/projects/wmlive/files/ultrabay-scripts
> Here are the most noteworthy changes so far:
>   * Removed the rather dangerous umount procedure from ultrabay_eject.
>     Better leave that to a human sysadmin to manage.
>   * Added a check in ultrabay_eject, verifying if the device is still in
>     use and quit with an informative error message if it's still busy.
>   * Modified messages in ultrabay_eject, while at the same time getting
>     rid of superfluous duplicate desktop notifications.
>   * Override debhelper to only create start links with update-rc.d for
>     init script, as a stop is never required.
> While it seems to work fine for me, my testing perspective is limited to
> the T60/61 Thinpad generation. If therefore some kind soul would ve so
> nice as to check if it also works on older and more modern machines, and
> give me some feedback about success/failure, i would be more than happy
> to enhance te whole package based on any useful information.
> BTW, since this is all based on the below cited Thinkwiki article, it
> would be great if someone with write access on Thinkwiki would update
> that particular article with a note regarding that Debian package.
> Thanks a lot in advance!
> Paul
> On 05/02/2013 11:27 PM, Paul Seelig wrote:
>> Hi,
>> based on thinkwiki.org/wiki/How_to_hotswap_Ultrabay_devices and mainly
>> for scratching my own itch in the absence of any known alternative, i
>> have remixed the code from the above mentioned site and created my own
>> set of scripts and created a Debian package from it:
>> ------- snip -------
>> Package: ultrabay-scripts
>> Status: install ok installed