[ltp] X230 with free software?

Florian Reitmeir linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 22 May 2013 22:51:41 +0200

> Does anyone have experience of running Ubuntu 13.04 on an X230? In
> particular, is there a free-software-drivers solution for the Wifi? I
> hear that hacking the BIOS to get around the whitelist hasn't been
> managed with this model...
> Are there any Linux-significant differences between an X220 and an X230?
> I have a 2-year-old X220 which is a bit worse for wear, and am now
> eligible for an upgrade at work.
> Or should I be waiting for whatever Lenovo announces next (the X230s?)?
> Where's the innovation in the X series these days?
> Whisper it: are there other decent laptop brands in this market segment
> with a trackpoint?

in my knowledge, just everythings works with the x230 out of the box.

i don't know how you plan to work, but most of the computers from lenovo
ending with u oder s, have _no_ docking solution and the batteries
cannot replaced.