[ltp] T61: battery charging inspite of tp_smapi thresholds

Dmitry E. Mikhailov linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sun, 26 May 2013 11:04:32 +0600

Please disregard the previous message. Sorry.

Hi, I've got the Thinkpad T61 8891-CTO

The problem is the new ('original' ebay's) battery keeps being charged
to 100% in spite of thresholds being set:
[tn@ibm2 BAT0]$ cat start_charge_thresh 
[tn@ibm2 BAT0]$ cat stop_charge_thresh 
[tn@ibm2 BAT0]$ pwd

The BIOS is 2.29 (EC 1.08) Middleton's.

The 'inhibit_charge_minutes' works so I guess SMAPI works somewhat.

Even more: the battery is charging for some 10 seconds, the idle for 10
seconds, then again charging, then idle etc.

The problem is traced to battery: the same behavior with the same
battery on two T61's with charging thresholds set - my laptop on
RHEL/CentOS6, other - on Win7. 

1) leaving for half an hour without battery and AC
2) removing battery and reinserting while on AC
3) charging battery to 100% and the discharging it until the laptop
powers off (and recharging again).

I'm running out of ideas. Anyone?

Best regards,
        Dmitry Mikhailov