[ltp] unpredictable shutdowns

Alexandre FRIEDMANN linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 30 Sep 2013 10:38:46 +0200


I have an annoying issue with my T420i, that randomly shutdown while 
working, on my ubuntu 13.04.
no matter i am on AC only, or on battery, or both.

I've tracked temperature evolution while working, and it does not seem 
to overheat...
I have performed memtest, HDD verification and video memory test, 
without finding any issue using ultimatebootcd. Interestingly, i did not 
encounter any issue while performing these long tests, so i started to 
hope again !

So i decided to format everything, restart from zero and install debian 
wheezy. it was stable with minimal distrib (only cli) and openbox, but i 
encountered a shutdown few minutes after starting gnome3...

Also, i noticed that some key combinations are awkward, such as Fn+o 
that make it sleep, or CTRL+ALT+left, that shut it down ... even under 
minimal-cli debian. Also on Ubuntu, the wireless connexion tended to 
disrupt from times to times, and all these strange behaviors started 
more or less together ... If it ever rings a bell for you :)

Do you have ideas about what i could test to identify my problem ? Could 
it be a mere keyboard issue, that randomly sends 'shutdown' signals ? 
Could it be a problem with another hardware element, what could it be, 
and how could i diagnose ? Would it be worth to explore some advanced 
BIOS settings, or to update it ?

As you can see, i am a bit lost with this, but having formatted 
everything, i am ready to explore all the options !

Thank you !