[ltp] TP Yoga - touchpad psmouse lost sync, buttons hanging / freeze

Martin N linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Tue, 05 Aug 2014 00:08:47 +0100


At 09:31 04/08/2014, you wrote:
>Am 03.08.2014 23:53, schrieb Martin N:
> > Lo,
> > At 16:45 31/07/2014, you wrote:
> >> Is it normal that Lenovo service people do not use ESD protection? I was
> >> really amazed that the guy not even bothered to ground himself nor the
> >> workspace while handling ESD sensitive parts.
> >
> > Having worked in a couple of PC workshops it is normal for no ESD wrist
> > strap to be used.
> > I have seen an ESD mat used however in one shop but it was not mentioned
> > in training.
> >
> > Dont know about Lenovo but ESD protection seems to be done mainly in
> > classes rather than
> > in the real world.
>Sure, but just because nobody does it does not make it right either?

No it doesnt but time is money etc.
The margins of a pc repair shop are thin still the visiting engineer should
of done better.

>I am working professionally in the electronics business for more than a
>decade now and every company I now that either makes devices or does
>service has pretty strict ESD protection rules. Well, this is not PC
>industry, it is rather embedded devices. But I would count a notebook as
>an embedded these days. And once you have seend ESD damage to silicon
>you know that this is the least you want to do to ensure lowest possible
>failure rates. The issue is less the immediate defect. This can be found
>and fixed pretty reasily. The more severe problem are the mid and long
>term faults. The chip's silicon can be damaged in a way that that
>develop into measurable failures over time. But then it will be hard to
>trakc them down to the ESD damage again.

The engineers probably have a target time for how long they can stay
at a customer so corners are cut.

It fails again as you have mentioned.
Well its more hours for the engineers :)

>Oh well, the service company is working on it and I expect this to be
>fixed this week. Let's hope that the next service guy is better trained
>and more careful.

Yes you could suggest it :)

Tell us if he is any better.


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