[ltp] Thinking about a T540p

Tamas Papp linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sun, 02 Feb 2014 09:22:03 +0100

On Sat, Feb 01 2014, d.mikhailov@infocommunications.ru wrote:

> On 02/01/2014 05:36 PM, William Fleming wrote:
>> Hi Guys,
>> Just spotted this mailing list and wondered if anyone has experience 
>> with any of the new Levono Thinkpads. Thinking about getting myself 
>> one but want dual external monitor support. Is this something that 
>> anyone has got working. Its got display port and VGA but will VGA 
>> support any higher resolution (1080p and beyond?)
> VGA port can definitely drive 1920x1080 - tried that on a T61. Max res 
> is 2048x1536. Technically I don't see a problem driving higher 
> resolution but AFAIK there are no solutions in silicon. And you may be 
> not pleased with the picture quality on such high resolutions.

I had a 1920x1080 running from a T430s using VGA, and the picture was
not nice, especially areas of (ostensibly) homogeneous colors. I tried
various fancy VGA cables (thick shielding, gold plating -- our IT has a
lot of these around), but they did not help much. So when I upgraded to
a new, larger monitor, I bought a miniDP-DP cable and has been happy
ever since.

But I am still glad that Thinkpads have VGA ports, if I want to use my
own laptop for a projector that seems to be the most common alternative.