[ltp] Anyone played with an X240 yet?

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>>Am Dienstag, 11. Februar 2014, 15:12:45 schrieb Dmitry Mikhailov:
>>>On 02/11/2014 02:52 PM, Florian Reitmeir wrote:


>>>you can't keep your finger on the trackpoint buttons. Damn, why didn'=
>>>they make a sensor keyboard. Who-hoo, one large reconfigurable touchp=
>>>even larger than on Mac's.
>>>I'm really really dissappointed. Sorry guys.
>>>I'd like to know how to keep my 4:3 "T62" Frankenpad even longer.
>>If I were Lenovo I monitor a mailing list like this one for customer fe=
>>They=B4d get it honestly and unfiltered. :)
>I went to the store to play with the new breed of thinkpads.  I 
>expected not to like the new touchpad, but I wanted to see if they 
>were tolerable.
>Well, my disgust was immediate and my hatred only grew as I used it 
>more. To describe it as a downgrade might make others think they 
>took something professional and made it consumer grade -- so that 
>does not go far enough, for they have made it in to a toy.
>The entire touchpad moves as you click on any button, so the 
>kinetics of it feel really wrong, kind of like the original 
>touchscreen blackberry phones did when you had to press that whole 
>screen to activate a button.  On my current mouse config I have 
>left+right simultaneous presses emulate a true middle button since I 
>used the middle for scroll, this no longer seems
>possible as the entire right side of the pad rises as you click the 
>left button.  I wonder if you can even disable the trackpad 
>functions in X while keeping the button functions active (I can't 
>stand pads, to me the point of buying a thinkpad is the 
>trackpoint).  But I suppose that doesn't even matter because the 
>buttons themselves are so terrible that there's no chance I'd buy a 
>thinkpad with the new layout.  It is actually  beyond terrible, it 
>is a slap in the face to long time users.
>I had been waiting for 2 years since my T61 broke to have a laptop 
>that had USB3 and a real high res screen in a small form factor.  I 
>was already pissed about the keyboard.  Really Lenovo, my X24 had 
>the best keyboard and you all have made it continuously worse.  I 
>remmember IBM reps advertising how the arrow keys were physically 
>separated so you could feel them. First you all put those useless 
>back/forward keys in there.  That was not the end of the world since 
>I would immediately just remove the springs under them and regain my 
>separation.  But I can't live without pgup/pgdn, so now I'm stuck 
>with the crappy layout.  And now you've gone and put prtscrn in the 
>bottom row?  Please fire the engineer who did that.  I'm ok with the 
>chicklets but the removing of the extra row?  how can you even 
>pretend that's an improvement?
>I went online and bought a bunch of the older USB thinkpad keyboards 
>and am going to have to carry a different platform to actually do 
>computing, probably a tablet (anyone know of any strong haswell 
>tablets out there for linux?).  It is like losing a friend, Lenovo 
>has essentially abandoned me. Sure the trackpoint is still there, 
>but it is neutered with the new buttons.

I thought the usb Thinkpad keyboards did not recognise multiple keys 
pressed at the same time?

Has that changed?


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