[ltp] Haswell thinkpads bios problem

Leon Weber linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sun, 16 Feb 2014 12:21:14 +0100

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we=E2=80=99ve all heard about the BIOS problems with the recent Haswell
Thinkpads, and that Lenovo has promised a fix for that. My google magic
couldn=E2=80=99t find any more recent information beside this promise, so d=
o we
now anything new about that problem? Is there a fix yet? Is there some
place where information is collected?

I=E2=80=99ll hopefully receive my full HD X240 in one or two weeks. Did any=
have that problem with an X240 yet? According to my supplier, Lenovo has
only started to produce the full HD version last week, so I wonder if it
might already be shipped with an updated BIOS (if the X240 was affected
in the first place).

Is disabling UEFI still the only reliable workaround, or are there other
options? Does anyone have experience whether Lenovo repairs bricked
laptops under warranty, or will they ask me to pay for the repair?

Mine (thankfully!) comes without an operating system, so it=E2=80=99ll be g=
to know if I can safely try to boot some Linux on it :-)

    -- Leon.

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