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Francesco Raiola:
> The X240 the newest Thinxpad X serie is the worst on the category even if
> it is the latest.

Not on all accounts. Battery life is awesome (>10 hours with the big
battery) and the full HD IPS display is great as well. That's the two
features I was waiting for for several years.

> Just to mention to you few of them (the list is longer)
> - terrible quality and layout of the Keyboard

The quality is ok, in my opinion. I didn't see that coming, but I
currently like the new chiclet keyboard better than that of my old X200.

Now, what you didn't mention is the touchpad with its lack of physical
buttons for the trackpoint.

> - max 4Gb RAM


> - no special key for the Volume, Wifi and Blue ThinVantage button

At least the X200 didn't have a dedicated wifi button either, it was
Fn+F5. Don't know about later models.

Speaking of volume keys, what's definitely worse is that Lenovo left the
one true way[tm] with respect to the mute button. It's a toggle now. The
old one only ever muted audio, no matter how often you pressed it.
That's a pity, but not a dealbreaker for me.

> - no SSD possibility as far as I recall

In Germany I would have been able to configure an SSD. I didn't, but
replaced the standard 500GB hard disk with an older SSD I already had.
Removing the base cover isn't something you want to do every week or
month (IIRC eight screws plus plastic clips), but it still can be done
relatively easily.

> - old CPU

Old? The CPUs were very recent when the X240 first came out. I assume
Lenovo is going to update the specs a little later this year.

> The best as you can go by far to upgrade your machine and staying on the
> same X-serie (we know why we go on that serie) is only the X230 but
> unfortunately is hard to find on Market. Let's me know if you find a sell=
> that  will let you configure the X230.

The CPU is even older and it has even less pixels vertically than my
soon six year old X200 (1280x800). When I bought it I vowed I would
never go back to 768 vertical pixels. I had to wait until the X240 to
get a 12" Thinkpad that would fulfill this requirement.

In the end, the X240 has a lot of small deficencies. The biggest one, in
my opinion, being the almost completely unusable trackpoint.  But
battery life, the display and, yes, even the keyboard quality make it a
great machine -- for me. YMMV.

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