[ltp] Re: Linux-Thinkpad digest, Vol 1 #3514 - 3 msgs

Robert Tomsick linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 24 Jul 2014 12:52:26 -0700

On Thu, Jul 24, 2014, at 04:11 AM, Francesco Raiola wrote:
> As Jochen was stated the Key are there but less intuitive in the X1. If
> you
> want to go from the X200 to an upgrade model go for the X230 the best one
> pf the series that has an update hardware.
> The X240 the newest Thinxpad X serie is the worst on the category even if
> it is the latest.
> Just to mention to you few of them (the list is longer)
> - terrible quality and layout of the Keyboard
> - max 4Gb RAM
> - no special key for the Volume, Wifi and Blue ThinVantage button
> - no SSD possibility as far as I recall
> - old CPU
> Look at the video of the product in the Newegg website and you wil not
> believe at your eyes.
> The best as you can go by far to upgrade your machine and staying on the
> same X-serie (we know why we go on that serie) is only the X230 but
> unfortunately is hard to find on Market. Let's me know if you find a
> seller
> that  will let you configure the X230.

Just to clarify, the above isn't quite accurate.

Leaving aside keyboard layout preferences, the quality is pretty much on
par with all of the rest of the current ThinkPad line.

RAM may be upgraded to 8GB (130 USD option from Lenovo as of this

There are not *dedicated* keys for volume and WiFi, but there are Fn-key
shortcuts for them like on many other laptops.

The cheapest config of the X240 on the US site includes a small,
secondary SSD, and it's trivial to add any 2.5" SSD yourself (as always,
Lenovo provides complete disassembly instructions on their site.)

Regarding the "old CPU", it's from the generation offered on -- as far
as I know -- basically the rest of the ThinkPad lineup.  Whether or not
it's fast enough for you is subjective, obviously -- but the X series
isn't meant to be a peak-CPU-power laptop in the first place.